Bizarre and Disgusting Asian Food

We have serve you many horrifying and disgusting food before, like marzipan cake, or even the snake juice and blended cockroach juice, if you're looking for another bizarre and disgusting food, here's the bizarre food from Asia.. we hope that you like our menu today

This is the most disgusting and horrifying food of Asia.. we hope that you will stand out of those smell..

1. Bee Larva

This food was famous in china and japan, it's really simple to prepare this disgusting food, just to fry this bee larva and added some salt and pepper, this bee larva was sweet and really delicious even the appearance of this food was so awful.. the chinese and japanese people treat this food as a highly nutrient snack.

2. Fried Spider

Cambodia and many south east asia country thought that this kind of food is a unique food, and cambodia was known as the insect eaters in the world, there's a small town in cambodia with the name Skuon which also known as Spiderville, in this town the spider was treated as the favorite meal..

3. Snake Blood

Just cut the head of the snake and place the blood directly to the glass and add some alcohol or snake gall and then drink it..

4. Fried Rats

This food is common in vietnam and Thailand, the rats that they used is a forest rats.

5. Monkey's Brain

Yucks.. this is the most disgusting food i ever seen here.. this food is commonly found in south region of china.. and the most bizarre of it.. you eat that monkey's brain in the state that the monkey still alive!! they give you a special table to place the monkey (first of all they make those monkey drunk with morphine) and while they drunk.. you cut the monkey head... and crush their bone and then suck their brain...

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Anonymous said...

yum i love fried spider and put a little salt on it an wow it is the best thing in the world

Anonymous said...

ewww!!! so gross! lol! yeep.. Asia. Home of the most digusting foods you'll ever find (but also has the coolest foods too!)

Anonymous said...

other countries also have disgusting foods, not just asia! like the casu marzu, head cheese, or haggis

Anonymous said...

I would starve to death if I were a South East Asian. I could never eat insects or the other creepy crawlies like I saw them eat in Thailand.

Head cheese is not disgusting at all. In fact it's rather good. Quality head cheese (not the cheap stuff you get from the chain grocery store deli) is about like another other luncheon meat with a high fat count. A little of it goes a long way though. I wouldn't want to eat it on a sandwich, but on crackers with some good stone ground mustard and a good beer, it's a good treat. Haggis isn't bad (not that good either) either once you get past it being stuffed in a sheep stomach, which is really no different than any other sausage casing really. It's more greasy and mealy than anything. I couldn't taste a lot of meat. when I tried it.

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