The Magic of Photoshop - Change the Face

Everyone should know about photoshop right?? with the help of this powerful software we can edit an image into whatever we want. such as changing the color, manipulating object, mixing an image, or even change the face of person in the photo. i think photoshop make a breakthrough in the photography world. there's many smooth photoshop manipulation out there which can make us say "Wow that's amazing" but unfortunately sometimes those image was the Photoshop Result..

Talking about the magic of photoshop, Worldmustbecrazy has been featured some funny post before, like the skeletal body of celebrity. funny fat celebrity, or even this funny picture about beauty manipulation... now we will show you another magic of photoshop. that was a face changing. below was a picture of a Hongkong actor and actress... by using a photoshop you can manipulate their face such as the man face into woman's body or vice versa..

This is The Magic of Photoshop - Change the Face

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