Most Extraordinary Child in the World

They're gifted with an extraordinary talent since they was a kid, they was genius and really smart, one of them was people with highest IQ in the world. his name was Kim Ung-Yong. he was considered as the smartest human in this world.. not only him, we got another extraordinary boys here. so check this out.

Kim Ung-Yong - Highest IQ in the world

He was born on 1962 in Korea, he was declared as the most genius human in the world. when he was 4 years old he has been able to read japanese words, korean, germany and english, and when he was 5 he can solve the calculus problems. The Guiness Book of World Records list him as the most genius human with IQ 210

Gregory Smith - Got A Nobel Prize at the Age of 12

He was born on 1990, Gregory Smith got the peace nobel for his effort by making the international youth advocates.

Akrit Jaswal - be a doctor when he was 7 years old

He was called as the "Smartest kid in the world" This Indian Boy shocks the public when he do a surgery to a local girls when he was 7 years old. he go to the university at the age of 11

Cleopatra Stratan - World's Youngest Singer

This is definetely the world's youngest singer, she was born on 6 october 2002 in Chisinau, she breaks the records in the music industry for the youngest singer. she make her album in 2006 when she was still 3 years old!! and the most shocking part was.. she was paid about 1000 euro per song!!

Aelita Andre - World's Youngest Painter

This australian child was only 2 years old when she shows her geniusity in art. now she own a gallery for her abstract art.

Saul Aaron Kripke - Youngest Lecture at Harvard

He was born in New york and grow in Omaha. this genius man was mastered algebra when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school. and two years after that he mastered geometric, calculus and philosophy. when he was at senior high school he got a letter from harvard to be a lecture at harvard. now he was known as the Greatest Philosoph in the history ever

Michael Kevin Keaulus - World's Youngest Bachelor

He was born on 1984, and he finish his college when he was 10 years old. and known as the world's youngest bachelor. and he became a lecture in 17 years old.

Fabiano Luigi Caruana - World's Youngest Grandmaster

This kid was really genius, on 2007 he got his grandmaster title. and he was listed as the world's youngest grandmaster ever. and in the middle of april 2009 he got his Elo Rating 2649 when his age 18.

Willie Mosconi - Profesional Billiard Player on the age 9

He was known as "Mr Pocket Billiard" this man was from philadelphia, pennsylvania, his father was the owner of billiard lounge. but his father doesn't allow him to play billiard. between 1941 - 1967 he won BCA world Championship for 15 times in a row. he's known as one of the most famous people in billiards.

Elaina Smith - Youngest Broadcaster

She was only 7 years old when she become the broadcaster.. and she gives many solution for love problem for her listeners... really crazy...

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