World's Most Beautiful City Miniature

This might be the best replica of the famous city in the world, if you don't have time to travel to those city so why don't you try to look this replica of famous city in the world.

The creator of this replica was really creative, if you love about the creativity art so you would love this one.

A miniature park is an open space that displays miniature buildings and models, and is usually open to the public. A miniature park may contain a model of a single city or town, often called a miniature city or model village, or it can contain a number of different sets of models. They have been developed as recreational and tourist attractions, with possible roots in Japanese miniature gardens.

Most examples are located in landscaped outdoor spaces, but the definition has widened in recent years to encompass large scale miniature landscapes indoors.

Moscow Miniature

If you don’t have the time to visit all of Moscow’s atractions you can see them all in miniature.
Russians have created a miniature model of their beautiful capital, ever since 1986. During an annual workshop, every structure in the model is wiped of dust and workers replace old buildings with the newly built, so the model is always up-to-date

France Miniature

Elancourt lies just 30 km from the center of Paris and if you ever visit France, it’s a trip worth taking.
It’s here, at Elancourt, where you can see a big part of France’s culture and history…in miniature. There are over 5 hectares of land covered with typical French landscapes, complete with castles, mansions, ponds, courts, pastures, all built at a scale of 1:30.
There are over 160 miniature French monuments from all over the country, 60,000 miniature people, over 20,000 small trees, 5 rivers and 2 hectars of water. A visit in miniature France gives an overview of all important regions of the country, so it spares you a very long, expensive tour.

This is another great Miniature of Paris.. this miniature looks like the real paris..

Mini City of Sweetness

Artist Meschac Gaba imagined a city of sugar, and then built it.
Models of some of the world’s most instantly recognisable buildings form part of a exhibition called Port City at the Greenland Street gallery in Liverpool, last summer.
He filled it with instantly recognizable landmarks from around the world, such as the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the London Eye, Petronas Towers, the Reichstag, the Empire State Building, and more. There are 600 buildings in the fantasy city, which measures 30 feet by 20 feet and took two years to build.
last summer.

Biscuit City

Eating the City by Chinese artist Song Dong. Over three days in February, the artist constructed a city from biscuits and sweets in Selfridges department store in London. On the last day visitors were invited to eat the city.

Beijing Olympics

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Hong Kong LEGO User Group, has created an amazing reproduction of a city representing the upcoming Olympic games, made entirely out of LEGO’s. Containing 300,00 LEGO bricks along with 4,500 mini figures, the city features a sports complex, swimming arena, and even residential housing.


Madurodam is a miniature city located in Scheveningen, The Hague, in the Netherlands. It is a model of a Dutch town on a 1:25 scale, composed of typical Dutch buildings and landmarks, as are found at various locations in the country. This major Dutch tourist attraction was built in 1952 and has been visited by tens of millions of visitors since then. The miniature city was named after George Maduro, a law student from CuraƧao who fought the Nazi occupation forces as a member of the Dutch resistance and died at Dachau concentration camp in 1945. In 1946 Maduro was posthumously granted the honor of Knight 4th-class of the Military Order of William, the highest and oldest honor in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, because he had distinguished himself in the Battle of the Netherlands against German troops. His parents donated the money to start the Madurodam project.

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