Bizarre Eye Tattoo for Body Modification Maniac

Insane!! i don't think that someone will go and tattoo his eyes like this picture in the left. but unfortunately this is true. in our previous post about world's most bizarre body modifications ever, where we talk about the eye tattoo.. and also the bizarre eye piercing. this is really insane!! is it safe for their eyes for doing a tattoo in their eyes??

Actually the eye tattoo is a form of cosmetic surgery applied to the cornea, used to improve the visual look of the eye, improve vision or reduce the effects of scarring.

The technique was first described by Galen, who burnt the cornea with a heated stilleto, and applied either an iron or copper mixture, thereby making the cornea more transparent.[1] In the 19th century, modern techniques were introduced to recreate the colour of the iris stroma, using Indian ink. Further research looked into the ways of stabilizing the pigment, and ways to apply these pigments to the eye.
Now let's see this Bizarre Eye Tattoo for Body Modification Maniac

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