World's Most Expensive Car Ever

Have you ever wondered about what is the world's most expensive car ever?? the most expensive car ever in the history was Bugatti Type 41 Royale was the brainchild of Ettore Bugatti for $10-12 million!! waw that's really expensive huh?? maybe that was one of the most expensive things in our world today..

This Bugatti Type 41 Royale was the brainchild of Ettore Bugatti--and also a hugely expensive misstep in the history of his firm. In the 1920s, Bugatti was expecting to get a contract from the French military to build 16-cylinder aircraft engines. The contract never materialized, but Bugatti felt he could use half that engine, a straight eight, to form one of the most amazing luxury cars in history.

A mere six Royale's were produced and two were never sold, staying instead with the Bugatti estate.
In 1987,the car was sold for a record £5.5 million at London's Royal Albert Hall before an audience of 4,000 enthusiasts.
Now the present anonymous owner--believed to be Japanese--has commissioned Bonham & Brooks in London to offer the Bugatti Royale for resale to anyone willing to pay the asking price which is estimated to be $10-12 million.

How about that?? do you intend to buy those world's most expensive car ever?? or do you want to ride the most luxurious car in gold or pink?? you decide

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Anonymous said...

That's not true at all. A ferarri 250 GTO sold a few years back at an auction for 28 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

this year a bugatti type 57 SC Atlantique coupe sold for "between $30 and $40 million" winner.

Fast Worker said...

What a car is bugatti type 57, but only antique lover will love this car, no one.

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