Most Luxurious Love Boutique Motel in Taiwan

This Love boutique motel in Taiwan was listed as the most luxurious love motel in Taiwan. or maybe in the world. this love motel offering you an expensive price for a room. but the room was really really cool and amazingly luxurious.

This luxurious motel has 5 room types. starting from Newyorker Room, Shanghai Room, Bali Room, Baroque Room and also Aegean Sea Room. all of the room here has a feature like, Super large Swimming Pool, Ice/Hot Pool, Massage Pool, Natural Garden, Extra Large Deluxe Bed, Bathrooms as big as the room itself and the most amazing things was all the bathroom has their own aromatherapy. do you want to know how expensive those rooms?? and how amazing are they?? are these luxurious motel in taiwan has a relation with the discovery of Unique Golden Fish in Taiwan??

Now let's go to Most Luxurious Love Boutique Motel in Taiwan

Taichung has always been known for its booming motel business. Because of all the competition, each new motel is bound to come up with something new and original. When walking into Love Boutique Motel, you are greeted by a light-grey outer wall, which makes it look like most other motels. However, when parking in the garage, you will begin to notice the difference, with one word primarily coming to mind: big. Altogether, there are 45 rooms with an average area of 50 to 120 pings each. Each room has its own special features, such as a super-large swimming pool, ice pool, hot pool, massage pool, natural garden, extra-large deluxe bed, and bathrooms as big as the room itself. Each room is supplied with aromatherapy oils and milk baths. Three-hour stays range between NT$680 and NT$1,680, while weekday overnight stays are priced between NT$2,560 and NT$6,460. These rates are quite reasonable for such deluxe rooms, making Love Boutique Motel a great place for a romantic escape with the one you love.

The Newyorker Rooms

Rate 3 hours stay : $680
1 day stay : $4280

The Shanghai Rooms

Rate 3 hours stay : $980
1 day stay : $6480

Baroque Rooms

3 hours stay : $1180
1 day stay : $7280

Bali Rooms

3 hours stay : $1360
1 day stay : $9080

Aegean Sea Rooms

3 hours stay : $1680
1 day stay : $10880

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