Luxurious Golden Audi R8 from Dubai

Another Golden Supercar!! if yesterday we give you a golden 911 Porsche now we got a Golden Audi R8 from Dubai. yeah as we know Dubai was the wealthiest country in the world. so that's why this people can afford this car.

The Audi R8 is a sports car with a longitudinally mounted mid-engine, and uses Audi's 'trademark' quattro permanent four-wheel drive system. It was introduced by the German automaker Audi AG in 2006. The car was exclusively designed, developed, and manufactured by Audi AG's high performance private subsidiary company, quattro GmbH, and is derived from the Lamborghini Gallardo. The fundamental construction of the R8 is based on the "Audi Space Frame", and uses an aluminium monocoque which is built around a space frame. The car is built by quattro GmbH in a newly renovated factory at Audi's 'aluminium site' at Neckarsulm in Germany.

So this is the picture of Luxurious Golden Audi R8 from Dubai after the Jump

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