Luxurious Golden Porsche 911 from Russia

Starting from this day, worldmustbecrazy will take you to see the golden pimped supercars, as we post several months ago like in the World's Most Luxurious Car - Gold Plated Car which is belong to Syed Aouf from Saudi Arabia. in that post we also give you a bonus Gold plated Mercedez Benz. but that mercedez benz was covered with pure white gold. OK now let's take another luxurious Golden Car

and now we got a Golden Porsche from Russia. yeah this Porsche was plated with gold. really awesome huh??

It’s not a secret that Russians like shiny, bling bling things, if they can afford it, and most of all, they like to show it off.

Here’s you are seeing a Porsche 911 covered with almost 40 pounds of pure gold. But…it is golden leaves that were used instead which is less expensive. Anyways, the result is impressive.

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