Rare Crocodile - Florida White Albino Alligator

Hello there hope that you still remember about the world biggest crocodile in our previous post, and also the funny stuff about crocodile meat. now we got another astonishing alligator here. this white albino alligator might be the most rare alligator in the world ever.

A rare white albino alligator is seen in his pool at the ‘Serengeti’ Safari park in the northern German village of Hodenhagen April 2, 2008. The 14 year-old albino alligator (Aligator missippiensis) named ‘White Diamond’ was born in Louisiana in the U.S. and grew up at the St. Augustin-Alligator Farm in Florida.

The only albino alligator in Europe, according to the organizer, is part of a traveling reptile show ‘Land der Reptilien’ running at the Serengeti Safari park until April 27, 2008.

So how about that?? do you want to see the clearer image of this rare white albino alligator? here's the picture of Rare Crocodile - Florida White Albino Alligator

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John said...

Not that big of a deal. There's another one in the nature museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Definitely, NOT the only albino in the US.

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