Special Motorcyle - Crocodile Skin Motorcycle

Today worldmustbecrazy will give you a present, that was a Special motorcycle that used a crocodile skin as their seat. in our previous post we have talked many stuff about crocodile and motorcycle. such as Special motorcycle for man, and also the world biggest crocodile ever. now how about the mix of those two??

Usually Crocodile skin was used for Shoes, woman handbags and another leather fashion accessories. but now we will give you an unusual use of crocodile skin. yeah in this case the crocodile skin was used for the Motorcycle.

Their skin is used for purses, boots and lots of different stuff and now there’s this!
I don’t know actually if I’m impressed or if I’m disgusted…
Look at the other pics inside the post.

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cahPamulang said...

Wah, hebat banget

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