Amphibi Bus - the Amphibious Tourist Vehicle

Wow with the advanced technology now traveling with an amphibious vehicle isn't only a dream. the amphicoach was make those dream come true by making this amazing amphibious vehicle. maybe in the next time we can enjoy this vehicle to travel in the water and also in the land.

Several months ago we have a martin jet pack vehicle which can be used as a human flying jet vehicle now forget about flying. we have another cool vehicle here. that was an amphibious bus from amphicoach. here is a little information about the amphibi bus

This bus is the first commercial amphibious vehicle in the world. it can carry passenger like a bus and boat. i can say that if this vehicle is a bus and boat combination. The bus which was first made in Malta, Europe, is considered a luxury bus. But depending on the model, there is a standard model. this amphibi vehicle has many features such as Standard equipment LCD screens, DVD players, luggage, toilet, air conditioning and heaters, Complete safety equipment such as medical kits, life jackets, Quality Euro standard engine-powered jet 5. The rate of speed can reach 20 knots on the water and 70 mph on land

The Amphicoach is the world's first true amphibious passenger coach, which is to be built under strict supervision by Lloyd's Register. Due to the vehicle's superior stability and safety features the Amphicoach is a Modern Technological Wonder and is setting benchmarks all through the amphibious world. This coach IS The One and Only fully Amphibious Passenger Vehicle to fully meet all relevant E.U.Legislation* including noise levels, exhaust emission levels, etc. We use only (Euro 5) emission packages, which can be supplied in Right or Left Hand Drive for the relevant country

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