Another Weird Wedding Ceremony - a Groom Wears Adidas Tracsuits

Yeah we got another weird and unusual wedding here on the crazy world. i've been talking so much about the weird and bizarre wedding event before. such as the superhero wedding, body modifications fans wedding event, Star wars wedding event and many more amazing yet bizarre wedding ceremony.

Let's see this wedding ceremony, the groom wears an unusual clothes on his wedding days. he uses an adidas tracksuits!! while her bride still wears the usual wedding dress. and look how he walk with his bride. really simple and easy.. seems like that this man is a sportsman. maybe he used to be wears those suit in his daily activities so that's why he choose to wear those suits on his wedding day.

Ok, he is a sportsman, but he could have worn a real wedding suit, doing sports doesn’t justify to wear a sport outfit for your wedding. It’s just my opinion, he does what he wants, but for me, it’s just bad taste and ridiculous… Plus Adidas tracksuits – it was fashion in the 80s… not anymore…

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