Harajuku Style as Unique Japanese Street Fashion Style

nowadays Japan might be one of the world's fashion icon, with their Harajuku Style. hope that all of you still remember about the Unique Japan Fashion style which is posted here several months ago.

Harajuku style is a Japanese fashion adopted by the teenagers and young adults in the area and its side streets which have many boutiques, trendy stores and used clothes shops

Harajuku is a famous fashion street of Tokyo with a unique street fashion. Young people dressed in a variety of styles including gothic lolita, visual kei, and decora, as well as cosplayers spend the day in Harajuku socializing. The fashion styles of these youths rarely conform to one particular style and are usually a mesh of many.

Many prominent designers and fashion ideas have sprung from Harajuku and incorporated themselves into other fashions throughout the world. Incredible pictures. Have to see them!

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