Make Up as Woman's Ultimate Weapon

All of us should be careful about woman who uses a make up because Make-up is known as one of the main weapons of the modern woman in a struggle for beauty It can change appearance almost beyond recognition. Like in the example that I've posted long time ago. the first of all is Surprise before meet a net friends, make up can make them looks different.

If we look clearly to these picture below we can find that originally the woman isn't as beautiful as when they put a make up on their faces. i can say that originally they was an ugly girls. but make up made them looks perfect. that's why we could describe a make up is a woman's ultimate weapon to get man's attention.

Even a famous celebrity will looks awful if he/she don't put a make up on their faces. so don't believe someone's perfect appearance moreover someone who works in the entertainment world. wanna see the proof?? here's the picture of a famous celeb caught without make up.

They will look more beautiful and charming with their ultimate weapon. moreover in this advanced technology era, after they put a make up and the photographer take their picture, some photoshop expert could retouch their photo to become more charming and beautiful for advertising purpose. so that's why i never believe the beauty of woman in the entertainment worlds. it's better to look for a woman who looks beautiful without make up. it's more natural for me.

Now what?? Wanna see the real faces of the pretty girls in the left picture??

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