Make Up can Transform an Ugly Chicks into a Models Look

It's clear that make up is the ultimate weapon for woman, i think they can't really live without it. with make up they can transform their ugly looks into more beautiful looks.

Look at the picture in the left, see how much different can be made with this woman's ultimate weapon or we can call it a make up?? really awesome huh?? even an ugly woman could become a models by those stuff

They will look more beautiful and charming with their ultimate weapon. moreover in this advanced technology era, after they put a make up and the photographer take their picture, some photoshop expert could retouch their photo to become more charming and beautiful for advertising purpose. so that's why i never believe the beauty of woman in the entertainment worlds. it's better to look for a woman who looks beautiful without make up. it's more natural for me

Ok now here's the proof that make up can transform an ugly chicks into a models look. enjoy

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cahPamulang said...

Thanks :)

shapic said...

ur inside beauty is what do men look for

Anonymous said...

These 'chicks' aren't ugly, I think they look more beautiful in the BEFORE shots actually. What a horrible thing to sa/write about these women. Hope you chock on a cock.

Anonymous said...

non of these are really ugly... actually theyre all quite beautiful... you wish you had one of these

Anonymous said...

awful thing to say about those women, they're beatutiful without any stupid stuff in their faces, so, are you dating a supermodel or something right now? if you aren't , then stop talking bullshit....

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