The Marriage of a Body Modifications Fans

A Marriage should be once for a lifetime, to make it as the most precious day in our life, people will make their wedding as the most unique wedding ever. like in our previous post about wedding before, we can see The Vampire Wedding, Star Wars Wedding, Military Wedding, Superhero Wedding and many other world's most bizarre wedding themes. now we will give you a wedding ceremony of a body modifications fans

Love or marriage are not about simple physical beauty and appearances, everybody’s free to do what he/she wants with his/her body so I just have to wish them a happy life… but I still don’t understand this passion of body modifications like tattoos, piercings and implants… – this guy has them all. look how this guy using an implants in his forehead to make it looks like a horn. not only that, but he also tattooed his inner lips.

Look at the Bride. she has a lot of tattoo in her left hands, i think that this guy find his true soulmate. both of them are body modification lover!!

I guess they found each other, and that’s all what matters. i never thought that this kind of couple really exist in our world. the world must be crazy!!

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