Mini Marathon Wedding Ceremony - Bizarre Wedding Ceremony

There's so many weird and bizarre wedding ceremony on the world today, such as the body modifications fans wedding ceremony, superhero wedding ceremony, military wedding ceremony, and many more weird and unusual wedding theme. now we got another weird wedding ceremony here on the crazy world. that was a Mini Marathon ceremony.

I'm sure that almost every people in the world would make their wedding ceremony as the most precious day in their life so they will arrange the best wedding ceremony, but some people will make it the most unusual way for their wedding ceremony

This wedding ceremony was happen in hainan province in china. hmm i wonder why the chinesse people always make an unusual and weird wedding ceremony?? from what i know this far most of the bizarre and weird wedding ceremony was held by the Chinese people.

You often hear of grooms doing a runner like this groom who wears an Adidas tracksuits in his wedding ceremony... but rarely with a bride on their back.

These snaps from January 2007 show grooms carrying their brides during a mini marathon celebrating the New Year in China's Hainan province.

Such a unique and weird wedding huh?? but that's really interesting..

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