Most Bizarre Gothic Wedding

Remember about Vampire Wedding theme that posted here several months ago?? worldmustbecrazy has posted many weird and bizarre wedding ceremony such as Military Wedding, Superhero Wedding and Star Wars Wedding Event.

Every Couple want to make their wedding as the memorable day with the unusual ceremony Wedding days might be the most beautiful days for all couples. usually every couples want to set their wedding ceremony to be the most unique wedding so all the people can remember your most important day in your life

Of course I already knew that, since this isn’t the first time I post about a wedding ceremony. I guess I just needed something to remind me of how bizarre these events are.

And these photos of a goth couple getting married in Russia did the trick. I’m sure they’re both nice people and I wish them a very happy marriage, but they scare the crap out of me. I mean she’s practically bald and makes Morticia look like a total babe, and he…Well, he looks like an elf on crack, no offense.

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Bruno Tiozo said...


Anonymous said...

Judgmental much?

Anonymous said...

jeez...who cares what you think. It was special for them. As for saying they scare the crap out of you, really?? Bit harsh

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