Most Horrifying Wedding Ceremony in the World

Have you remember about the couple who wear a vampire dress as their wedding dress?? this couple from Thailand was known as the creepiest couple in the world. Boonthawee Seangwong as the centipede king marry the scorpion queen Kanjana Kaetkeow.

The Groom holds a world record for staying in a cage with 1,000 centipedes for 28 days. and the bride holds a world record for staying in a plastic cage with 3,400 scorpions for 32 days. isn't it very perfect couples?? both of them holds the world record staying with a dangerous animal.. they also use a creepy wedding dress. look at the bride who placed a scorpions on her gown. and the groom with a centipede on his mouth

Centipede King Boonthawee Seangwong and Scorpion Queen Kanjana Kaetkeow - have tied the knot in a "Believe It Or Not" ceremony that included six other ghoulish couples.

Marking Valentine's Day in morbid style, seven couples decked out as corpses, took part in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony - complete with chanting Buddhist monks and the pouring of lustral water on the hands of the newlyweds - sponsored by Ripley's Believe It Or Not Haunted House attraction at Pattaya beach resort.

The star couple of the unusual nuptials were Kanjana, 36, who entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002 for spending 32 days in a glass cube with 3,400 scorpions, and Boonthawee, 29, a 2003 Guinness record holder for spending 28 days with 1,000 centipedes.

"We met and fell in love at a snake farm in Samui Island where we were both performing," Kanjana said.

"We've done plenty of strange things before so a strange wedding sounded fun, and besides Ripley's is paying for it," she said.

All the romantic newlyweds will spend their first night of matrimonial bliss sleeping together in a coffin at Ripley's Haunted House.

"It's like being reborn again, and I hope it means we'll have a long life together," said Kanjana of her upcoming wedding night.

Royal Garden Entertainment, the owner-operator of the Royal Garden Hotel and Ripley's Believe It Or Not complex in Pattaya, has vowed to make the Valentine's necro-nuptials an annual affair.

"This year we have such lovely couples, I expect we will have more lovely couples and more variety next year," said Somporn Naksuetrong, general manager of Royal Garden Entertainment.

Kanjana Ketkaew, 35, with scorpions on her gown, kisses her groom Bunthawee Sengwong, 29, with a centipede in his mouth, during their wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day in the Thai resort town of Pattaya, about 130 km (80 miles) southeast of Bangkok February 14, 2006.

Watch the Video of This Most Horrifying Wedding Ceremony

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