Most Successful USA Car - Citicar

This car called Citicar is an electric car which was manufactured by one American company in the 70’s.

The Citicar was produced between 1974 and 1977 by a U.S. company called Sebring-Vanguard, Inc., based in Florida. The Citicar is the most produced electric car in American automobile history. Produced between 1974 and 1977, by Sebrin Vanguard Inc., Citicar is the most produced electric car in the history of American car manufacturing. Powered only by batteries, the golf-cart sized Citicar reached a top speed of 63km/h and was a big hit especially during the fuel crisis of the ’70s.

In 1976, Sebring Vanguard sold enough electric cars to secure the number 6 spot in the top American car manufacturers. Although the company went bankrupt in 1977, the Citicar design was acquired by Comuter Vehicles and produce in many variants.

The most impressive is its appearance. It would totally make my day, if I saw it on the roads

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