The Nastiest Apartment in China

I Think that every people love to stay in apartment. An apartment, or flat, is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. Such a building may be called an apartment building, especially if it consists of many apartments for rent. Apartments may be owned by an owner/occupier or rented by tenants.

The term apartment is favored in North America, whereas the term flat is commonly, but not exclusively, used in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Ireland and most Commonwealth countries. In Malaysian English, flat often denotes a housing block of lesser quality meant for lower-income groups, while apartment is more generic and may also include luxury condominiums.

Every people prefer a clean and neat apartment so they can feel relaxed in their place, but look at this messy apartment in china. this picture below was the nastiest apartment in china. and also the nastiest apartment that I've ever seen.. i think if you could stay at these apartment for a month so you would be able to travel to a garbage town too

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