President Car around the World

The Presidential State Car is the official state car used by the President to help the President in running the states business usually they get their own official car. what kind of car should be the official car for president?? well let's check this out.

Every president own their presidential car, in every country they use the most luxurious car as their presidential car, but not all president. here's the list of President car around the world.

Finlandia : Mercedez Benz S600

Austria : Audi a8

Brunei darussalam : Roll Royce Ferrari

Bostvana :Bentley Arnage

Japan : Toyota century

Russia :

Nepal : Jaguar

Indonesia : Mercedez benz w140

Ceko :

Srilanka :

France : renault safrane biturbo

Monaco : Lexus 600h

Hongkong : Lexus 600h

Islandia : Lexus 600h

New Zealand : BMW 7 Series

USA : Cadillac

England : Bentley

Germany : Mercedez Benz s 600

Iran :
PEUGEOT 504 1977

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Arnel@hyip said...

Why is it that Presidents car are ugly compared to police cars. Police cars are way cooler!!!

Anonymous said...

because your a fag

Anonymous said...

Get up to date guys... this is so post dated!

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