World Smallest Republic Ever | Molossia the Smallest Republic Ever

Several months ago i post about the world smallest counties and now we'll talk the similar topic, have you ever heard about Republic Molossia before?? i bet that you haven't heard it ye. Molossia Republic is the World's Smallest Republic Ever. with only 6 population in there. But how come molossia became a republic?? if there's so simple to make a new country so why don't we make another one??

The Republic of Molossia is a micronation founded by Kevin Baugh and headquartered near Dayton, Nevada.

It consists of Baugh's house (known as Government House), backyard and front garden, as well as two other properties in Southern California and Pennsylvania. It comprises a total area of 5.8 hectares. Originally established as a childhood project in 1977, Molossia subsequently evolved into a territorial entity in the late 1990s.

The smallest republic in the world has 6 inhabitants: Kevin Baugh, his 2 sons and three dogs.

You need a passport to visit it, Molossia has its own postal service and its own currency (made from poker chips). And that’s pretty much all there is to know or to see…

Need a passport to visit it?? are you kidding?? the republic with only 6 inhabitants?? maybe this is one and only republic without the minister in the world.. want to visit the republic of molossia?? here is World Smallest Republic Ever | Molossia the Smallest Republic Ever

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