Bizarre and Disgusting Frog Juice

It's been a while since we post about the disgusting food series in the crazy world. it's about a years ago we have posted about several weird and disgusting food here. such as the Blended Cockroach Juice, Duck Blood Jelly and also the Zombie Bread.

Generally Asian people especially Chinese people was achieved the first rank in terms of weird and bizarre things, look at the picture in the left. how about a frog juice everybody??

This is really weird and disgusting.. how can they put a frog into a blender and make a fresh frog juice. hmm i wonder what is the taste of the juice..

Add a frog into the blender and then mix it with milk and sugar. and then you should drink it. maybe it's good for your health..

Want to see the complete picture of this Bizarre and Disgusting Frog Juice??

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