French Woman Married Dead Boyfriends

This is really weird.. how can a woman married with a dead person?? in our previous post we give you a story about horrifying story about a man who married a dead girls. now we got another similar story here.

A woman in France has married her boyfriend of six years - a year after he died.

Magali Jaskiewicz and Jonathan George had planned to wed at their local town hall in November 2008, but he was killed just two days before the ceremony in a motorcycle accident.

Ms Jaskiewitz, 32, used a little-known section of the French civil code that allows posthumous marriages if all the formalities for the wedding were completed before one of the partners died, including the setting of a date.

She proved to officials that she and Mr George had been living together since 2004 and that they shared a bank account.

She also provided a photo of the wedding dress she had bought to wear to their wedding.

Standing alone in the aisle at the town hall, she was "married" to Mr George at a ceremony attended by 30 family members and friends in the village of Dommary-Baroncourt, in eastern France, on Saturday.

Around ten posthumous marriages are carried out each year in France, French interior ministry officials said.
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