Naughtiest Amusement Park in Korea | Love Land Theme Park the Naughtiest Theme Park

Remember about F1 Theme park in Dubai which is known as the first ferrari theme park in the world. and also Trans Studio Theme Park in Indonesia as the Biggest Indoor Theme Park?? now how about travel to Korea and visit the naughtiest amusement park ever.

The unique thing about LoveLand is its apparent approval of sex. The exhibits at LoveLand consist mainly of couples having sex in various positions.

As if that weren't enough, path markers are shaped like wieners. Wieners with testicles. Signs that warn visitors they are fast approaching an exhibit are decorated with sexually explicit pictures replicating the upcoming statue but the really funny thing is they are done in a traditional clip-art kind of way. Think of the people on the signs of the women's room, yea, like that.

One particular signs depicts a pink featureless woman licking an equally featureless blue man's lollipop. Below the picture are the words, "Oh Good." Another sign illustrates the same blue and pink people, however this time one of them is on their hands and knees and the other is penetrating from behind. The sign's text says, "Oh, oops."

LoveLand centers around a small pond. In the middle of the pond is a giant, definitely male, wanker. It spews water up into the air in a comically sexual way. Also in the pond is a statue of 4 legs sticking upside down into the air. It's made to look like a couple in an embrace is standing on their head in the pond, nude to the world

Want to see the naughty statue collection in the Love Land Theme park?? Check it out on Naughtiest Amusement Park in Korea | Love Land Theme Park the Naughtiest Theme Park

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