Flexible Babe Showiing Their Skill in Circuss

A circus is commonly a travelling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and other stunt-oriented artists. The word also describes the performance that they give, which is usually a series of acts that are choreographed to music and introduced by a "ringmaster". The traditional circus is held in an oval or circular arena called a ring, which has tiered seating around its edge. In the case of traveling circuses this location is often a large tent which is nicknamed the "big top".

Here's the flexible babes in circus, look how they perform their skill in the pictures below, you'll find it really amazing, hmm i wonder how they practice?? it seems like they have a rubber body. it's really flexible and elastic.

OK enough talk, here is the flexible babe showing their skill in circus.

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