Military Camouflage of Supercars

The Military Car is is a wheeled armored vehicle, lighter than other armored fighting vehicles, primarily being armored and/or armed for self-defense of the occupants. Other multi-axled wheeled military vehicles can be quite large, and actually be superior to some smaller tracked vehicles in terms of armor and armament.

But this military car below is an exception, this is the military camouflage of supercars. have you seen a lamborghini car used as a military car before?? seems impossible right?? but it's the fact.

So do you want to see the military car that used a supercars?? i think this supercar was more suitable if used as a police car since they have a great speed. several days ago we post about the collection of Police Supercars around the world.

OK here is the Military Camouflage of Supercars Pics

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