Various Kind of Bajaj in Several Countries

Bajaj is a famous Indian Automobile manufacturer, this 3 wheeled vehicle was really popular as a public transportation in India and several asian countries including my country in Indonesia. but after i digging in the internet i've found that every country has their own style of this vehicle. and in this opportunity we'll give you the various kind of bajaj in several countries

Bajaj Auto came into existence on November 29, 1945 as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two- and three-wheelers in India. In 1959, it obtained license from the Government of India to manufacture two- and three-wheelers and it went public in 1960. In 1970, it rolled out its 100,000th vehicle. In 1977, it managed to produce and sell 100,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1985, it started producing at Waluj in Aurangabad. In 1986, it managed to produce and sell 500,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1995, it rolled out its ten millionth vehicle and produced and sold 1 million vehicles in a year.

Here is Various Kind of Bajaj in Several Countries.

Bajaj in America

Bajaj in Cuba or often called as Coco Taxi

Bajaj in Indonesia

Bajaj in El Savador or often called as Mototaxi

Bajaj in India

Bajaj in England
Bajaj in Kamboja

Bajaj in Pakistan

Bajaj in Thailand

And the Last is Bajaj in Vietnam

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iean888 said...

i like it, because it looks very cool, and smaller than taxi, slow but good for sightseeing
, so never stop or ban this kind of happy Vehicle, especially that type in indonesia

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