Chocolate Theme Park in Beijing China

Well there's so many weird and bizarre theme park in this world, such as the love land theme park in south korea, The Trans Studio Theme Park which is also known as the world biggest indoor theme park. it's really interesting to spend a holiday in the amusement park, now how about if we go to another weird and bizarre amusement park??

Here is the Chocolate Theme Park in Beijing China, Located inside the Olympic Stadium, in Beijing, the World Chocolate Dream Park is an Asian version of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, in real life.

Announced last year, as a way of pleasing the increasing number of Chinese chocoholics, the World Chocolate Dream Park is finally open to the public. As promised, the chocolate theme-park features a number of China’s historical and cultural symbols, including a 12-meter-long chocolate replica of the Great Wall, an army of 560 terracotta soldiers of Emperor Qingshihuang made of chocolate, and a traditional Chinese painting of Panorama Along the Upper River During the Qingming Festival, in original size.

The chocolate terracotta army was announced as life-size, back in 2009, but the miniatures aren’t too shabby. According to a Chinese official, many European chocolate makers wanted in on the project, considering it’s a great way to advertise chocolate to a huge market that’s just discovering it.

Via : Xinhua

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