Special Car park for Woman in Wondermall

In several country a mall manager would give a special car park for a woman since we know that not every woman was able to do the difficult parking position so that they will got an easy car park position. do you remembered the funny accident of woman drivers which is posted a year ago in crazy world?? well it's a great prove that give a special car park for woman is necessary.

Sure, some women have been known of have trouble parking, but it’s safe to say the Chinese did a pretty sexist thing here.

These photos were taken at Wonder Mall, in Shijiazhuang city. According to a mall offcial, the parking spaces in the women only car park will be one meter wider, so women can park without damaging neighboring vehicles. To sweaten the deal, the walls of the car park have been decorated with orange and pink drawings. Yeah, I’m sure ladies will appreciate the gesture.

Via: Oddity Central

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