Bizarre Couples | when a handsome man marry ugly woman

Remember the beauty and the beast couples which we posted several weeks ago, in this post we got another similar couple. this is the proof if the love is blind, well before the valentine day we will post several weird and bizarre love story here in crazy world.

I don't know what is the man thinking?? he married an ugly big woman, yeah i know if love is blind like the love story of wok kundur and mohd nor and several bizarre couple that we post before.

This rather amusing looking couple seems to prove the old adage that opposites attract at least in physical size. While neither is physically attractive they appear quite happy and contented with one another which proves another old adage which is that love is blind.

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Ugly said...

oh wow... I'm speechless. They look so happy :)

Anonymous said...

OMG...wow. I'm so happy for them, really. :)

Anonymous said...

they are all very beautiful people inside.out.o)
so happy for them they both look the same in my eyes the mans reflections is the love light in her eyes!

Anonymous said...

the girl must be rich then. that's explain everything

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