Finding affordable insurance if you are a high risk driver

Remember, the general rule always has exceptions. So when everyone tells you insurance companies load up the premiums of the inexperienced drivers and the drivers who have a bad safety record, that is true as a general rule. But this does not mean it's impossible to find reasonably cheap insurance. All it means is you have to work harder to get results. So the first rule is, "Never give up hope!" There are always ways in which you can save on the premium and find reasonably good coverage. Who are you? You may:

  • be a new driver;
  • have been involved in multiple traffic accidents;
  • have been convicted of driving while under the influence or other serious offenses; or
  • have had you license suspended and/or your previous insurance cancelled.

The second rule is always to tackle the problem honestly. It is pointless to lie about your record. Even if the lie goes undetected when you buy the policy, every company makes thorough checks once a claim is made. If your dishonesty turns up, the company will cancel the policy and you will be left with no indemnity against the claim. Be open about your high-risk status and get two sets of quotes using the online search engines. You should aim to compare the prices on general policies with the premiums charged by the companies offering special policies for drivers with poor records. The bad news is the majority of general insurers will refuse to quote or quote high premiums. These are the companies only writing policies for people aged between 25 and 70 who have never had an accident in their lives. The quotes you get are still useful because you find out which is the lowest of the high quotes. The good news is there are a small number of companies offering a specialised service to high risk drivers. Ask for high risk auto insurance or nonstandard auto insurance and get their quotes.

The third rule is to improve your driving ability and record. If you are a new driver or have recently had a serious accident, go through one of the advanced driving courses approved by local insurance companies. Successful completion usually entitles you to a discount. You then have to put all you best driving skills into practice and drive without collecting tickets and getting into accidents. The longer your license stays clean, the lower your premium will be. Sadly, it takes years to remove the negative marks from your record but, once you have proved you are a good driver, you will be rewarded.

The final rule to find every possible discount to bring the premium down. Drive a low-powered vehicle only at low-risk times of the day and avoid driving long distances. Fit safety features to your vehicle and store it off the road at night. You may not end up with really cheap auto insurance, but it should be reasonably affordable. In any event, cheap auto insurance is often bad value for money. It's always better to find good coverage at a price you can afford.

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