Real Lizardman From India - Navratan Harsh | Indian Lizardman

Well several days ago we talk about kumar paswan who is known as the indian boy with seven limbs. now we got another bizarre man from India. he is Navratan Harsh, this teenagers from india was called as the real lizard man. uurgh it's really disgusting when i see a lizard on his face. how can Navratan stand out of those disgusting lizard??

Meet Navratan Harsh, a 21-year-old from Bikaner, Rajasthan state, India, with a bizarre passion for animals, especially Geko lizards.

Navrathan has been fascinated by lizards, ever since he was a young boy and one fell in his lap, at school. Ever since then, he has spent most of his days feeding and playing with his scaly friends, and even letting them crawl on his face. Around his village, Navratan Harsh is known as Gecko King and Mowgli, because of his close connection with wildlife.

Unlike other boys his age, who spend most of their time partying and getting drunk, Navratan searches for lizards, plays and trains them, and them lets them go free. He says he feels no pain or fear when lizards bite his face…Creepy stuff!

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