Teenagers shave his beard with Fire

How do you shave your beard?? Shaving not only makes a man look well groomed, but younger, too. When you shave, you're exfoliating the skin by getting rid of dead cells. Usually people use a razor blade to shave their beard. actually i shave my beard with Gillette Razor Blade twice a week to get the best result. but look at this teenagers he do a weird and bizarre technique to shave his beard. well if you didn't shave your beard you will got the long beard like this man do. he is also known as the world longest beard record holder.

He shave his beard using a fire from his lighter.. wew i don't know how to use a lighter to shave a beard?? Thanks a lot but i won't use it to shave my beard. i'm so comfortable using a Gillette Razor Blade to shave my beard.

Here is the complete picture of Teenagers who shave his beard using a lighter. don't try this at home if you don't know how to use it correctly.

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