Hitler Themed Restaurant in Asia

Well this hitler themed restaurant might be one of the most bizarre themed restaurant ever. before this we also has another bizarre themed restaurant in this crazy world such as the amazing flying restaurant and the list of the bizarre restaurant.

The image of Adolf Hitler as the Nazi leaders really looks on the interior of this restaurant The interior is done in the Nazi colors of red, white, and black with large sized Swastika symbols (not the traditional Indian ones) and a huge portrait of the Fuhrer. The actor, Murli Sharma called as a guest of honor to inaugurate the restuarant was amused by the theme but later admitted to having dozed off in his school history period and having lived in a cave since then.

Sushi bars and other Chinese restaurants aren’t the only ones to be found in Asia. Somebody seems to remember Hitler times, because you can have your dinner at Nazi-themed bars and restaurants. Which one looks at you?

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