The Real Plastic Man from India - Vijay Sharma

We got another talented man from india, he is Vijay sharma. this guy also called as the real plastic man in the world. before him we got several unique and bizarre indian man such as the Indian lizardman and also Kumar Pashwan the boy with seven limbs. Vijay Sharma or the Rubber boy has a very flexible body where he can wrap his leg around his head such as the plastic man in the comics.

Actually, Vijay has earned the nickname “Rubber Man” in his native country of India, for performing incredible flexibility stunts.

Vijay is able to wrap his legs over his head, wind his arms around his back, crawl his body through a tennis racket and even drink from a coke bottle held between his toes. The 27-year-old shop assistant says his passion for extreme flexibility tricks comes from watching Jackie Chan movies when he was a kid.

Vijay Sharma discovered his unusual talents when he began taking martial arts lessons, so he could follow in the footsteps of his idol. He started crawling into tight spaces, curling up in boxes, and before he knew it, he was earning the title of “Rubber Man” in the Limca Book of records. That’s India’s version of the Guinness Book of Records.

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