Amazing Stunt of Li Dasheng Pull a Car with Eyelids

This Chinese Stuntman do the most extreme stunts by pulling a 1.5 tons car with his own eyelid. how come li dasheing pull those car by his eyelids?? Li Dasheng is known as one of the greatest Chinese performers. He's amazing stunt by pulling a car with his eyelids really amaze me.

Known as the “Prince of Stunts” , 22-year-old Li Dasheng is famous for being able to perform over 30 kinds of Qigong, an ancient Chinese meditation art, as well as several other stunts. On April 16, he shocked the audience, outside the Boying Art Museum, in Xuzhou, China, when he pulled a vehicle, with his eyelids.

The Chinese performer put 2 curved hooks, onto his lower eyelids, and attached them to the frame of the 1.5-ton-heavy car. He managed to pull the vehicle nearly three meters.

Some of Li Dasheng’s previous include having a drilling machine drill into his temple and ripping apart a metal basin, with his bare hands. well there's so many great stunt performed by a chinese people such as the stunt performed by Xiao Qinglian.

Here's another picture of Li Dasheng the owner of the World Strongest Eyelids.

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