Chinese Cat Love to Read

As we know cat is one of the cutest pet in the world, cat is surely a cute animal that can make all people happy. have you ever seen a cat that love to read a book? this Chinese cat has a weird hobby, this feline love to read a book such as human!

These purring fur ball has become an internet sensation, in China, after its owner took some pictures of her, reading a book. The cat seemed to be drawn to that pile of books, always trying to get a sneak peak, when her master was reading. Noticing her peculiar behavior, the man took a camera and immortalized the cat’s reading activity.

As you can see, the feline seems focused on reading every Chinese character, but that made her little brain very tired. After every reading session, the cat needed a good nap, to recover, and get back to her book.

Here's another picture of the Unique Chinese Cat who love to read a book. oh yeah don't forget to check about another cute cat on Funny Cat Costumes

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