Luxurious House of Robert Mugabe in Harare

This Luxurious House was belong to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, this mansion was located in Harare. this might be one of the most luxurious house in Africa. at the first sight people will think that the one who own this luxurious house should be an American billionaire, or even a prince of Saudi. but this luxurious mansion was belong to Zimbabwe president. Robert Mugabe.

How could Robert Mugabe live on this luxurious house while his people starve, and die because of no medical help.... and we are asked to help his people over and over again he and his family live like this??

Here's the Picture of Robert Mugabe Luxurious Mansion in Harare.

We got this content from a forwarded email on our inbox mail.

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Goblin Analyst said...

Unfortunately these images are NOT of Mugabe’s Palace. Compare the topology to that seen on Google Earth.
Many others have made this claim before.
In fact this house is in the USA and has been used for various movie making.

dk MATH said...

what mr mugabe must do he must demolish it ? No .he must sell it it ? No who can buy it ? So let the old man live in his house .

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