Sassy Thomas Supersized Internet Models

Eating anything you want and getting paid for it seems like a fantasy, but for Sassy Thomas, a supersized internet model, it’s just everyday life. Sassy Thomas was a supersized internet models that gather her success because of her fat body, you know that she could make about $3000 just for eat anything that she want to eat. well i wonder if Sassy Thomas could be a great contender for Donna Simpson the Fattest Woman in the planet.

30-year-old Sassy Thomas has had trouble with her weight, ever since she can remember. her parents put her on a diet, wen she was only 10-years old, but after countless diets and nutritionist consults, the poor girl still weighed a lot more than most kids her age. School, and pretty much life in general, were a nightmare for the young Brit, from Tottenham, North London. In everyone’s eyes, she was the fat kid, and that’s never easy.

At 18, Sassy left school, and got a job as a security guard. She would spend her shift reading glamor magazines and thinking celebrity life-style was out of her reach. But one day, after a simple Google search, she discovered the wonderful world of Big Beautiful Women (BBW). She signed up on a forum, with a picture, and within minutes, received 20 emails from men who wanted to see more of her. It was the start of the life she always dreamed of.

After contacting a fellow BBW, Sassy Thomas learned there are men out there (known as fat admirers) wiling to pay big money to see her stuff her face and rub her 63-inch belly. She set up a website, bought some fat food and started filming herself eating it. After only one session, Sassy had already become a star, and fat admirers couldn’t get enough of her. She began charging between $8 and $60 for photos and videos of her eating away at super-sized portions of food, and is now making up to $3,000 a month, as an internet model.

Sassy gave up her $20,000 a month job, as a security guard and is now enjoying the high life as a super-sized model, that everyone wants to see eat. Admit it, you’d hit that piece of…chocolate cake, in her hand. it's really the great way to enjoy your life sassy. Is there any other interesting job than to be a paid to eat models?? there's so many man would pay Sassy for her eating photo.

Via : The Sun

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