World Largest Snails Ever | African Snails

Do you know about the world largest snail ever? this african snails was known as the largest snails in the world ever with a shell that can grow up to 30 cm long and 15 cm in diameter.this Giant African Snails was found in the forest of ghana. wow seems like there's so many big and huge animals in Africa, like in the previous post you can find about the exotic pet in africa.

Native to the tropical forests of Ghana, Africa, Giant African Snails live in tropical conditions, with no natural enemies. That, combined with the fact each snail can lay up to twelve hundred eggs per year, makes their large population, a problem. wherever a colony of these giant snails settles down, all other species of tree snails go extinct. Their insatiable appetite for any kind of plants and fruits, makes Giant African Snails pests, in their homeland. Just so you can get an idea, these things eat even the stucco and paint, buildings.

Like all snails, GAS are hermaphrodite and very prolific. Just one pair of snails can turn into an 8 to 10 billion colony, in their 5-7 year life span. Another half cycle like this, and we’re looking at 16 quadrillion giant crawlers. It’s a scary image, especially since they can bury themselves for up to 6 months, if the climate isn’t right for them

While they’re regarded as parasites, in Africa, in the Western World, Giant African Snails are some of the most coveted pets on the market, because of their intelligence and ability to reproduce sounds. Don't forget to check post about the world largest frog ever and several largest animal which is posted before in the crazy world.

Here's the World Biggest Snails ever from the forest of Ghana in Africa or often called as the Giant African Snails.

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