World Oldest Students Ever | 102 Years Old Students

There's no age barrier for someone to attend school. the facts is this 102 years old woman from china. she go to school when she was 102 years old. here's the prove that there's not too late to gain education in school. Ma Xiuxian never had the opportunity to attend school, as a child, but she is making up for that in her later years. it seems there's so many unique old people in china like in our previous post about the Xiao qinglian Oldest Stuntman

The 102-year old Chinese woman, from Jinan, Shandong province, began working at a cotton mill, at the age of 13, and married when she was only 18. She gave birth to nine children, seven of which attended universities. Her children remember Ma Xiuxian and her husband made great sacrifices, in order to support their studies, but never got the chance to fulfill her own dream, of going to school, for the first time.

After being interviewed by a local newspaper, and revealing her dream, on March 31, Ma Xiuxian was invited to the Weishan Road Elementary School, to attend her first class. Equipped with a schoolbag and a large magnifying glass (for reading), Ma entered the class in the applause of her primary school classmates. The 102-year-old student commented she was very proud to be able to go to school, and that she will study hard to bring her contribution to the motherland.

Here's the World Oldest Student ever Ma Xiuxian. the 102 years old Chinese students.

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