Japanese Couples wed by Robots

There's a bizarre stuff in this wedding ceremony, this Japanese couple wed by a robot?? but how come a robot could take the priest place as the one who led the wedding ceremony? well this might be one example of the advance technology and robotic technology. Before this we have post about several bizarre wedding such as the Gothic wedding and also the body modification lover wedding ceremony. check this out about the Japanese couple who wed by a robot.

Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata bothe looked amazing on their wedding day, but the spotlight was stolen by i-Fairy, the humanoid robot that replaced the priest.

Inoue, the bride, works for the company that produces the i-Fairy robot, and Shibata is a client, so it’s safe to say robots are the reason they began dating in the first place. At his beloved’s suggestion, the groom was more than happy to replace the priest with an adorable robot that rose to the challenge, thanks to some special programming.

The bride said she always felt like robots could play a big role in people’s lives, and she’s glad her experience showed the whole world just that. Representatives of the company that makes i-Fairy said they’re thrilled one of their products was the center of attention in the first wedding presided over by a robot.

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