World's Fastest Talker Fran Capo

The World record of the fastest talker in the world belongs to fran capo. Fran Capo is most noted for being the World’s Fastest Talking Female. Capo is also a motivational speaker, adventurer, comedian, voice-over artist, 9 time author and holder of 3 world records.

She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest talking female, clocked at 603.32 words per minute (wpm). She also holds a record as the first and only author to do a booksigning on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Her third world record was awarded for doing a book signing and the first ever memorial prayer service at the wreck site of the RMS Titanic.

Here's the video of fran capo demonstrate about her fast talking ability. really amazing and weird. i bet that you won't understand what is she talking about.

How’s that?? can you hear what she talks?? do you understand what she was talking?? well i can’t hear what fran capo said on that video..Breoiozidcfoucvuxizcuovoiesoih fwoeifh woiehfwoiehf oiwhefoi whef owiehrf …

That’s what all I hear from her. Sounds like those required “Notice” announcements of medical pills advertisements on TVs.

Source : World Must Be Crazy

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Goddess of Wales said...

err - she's most noted as the world's fastest talking female, because that is the record she holds.

The fastest talking is Steve Woodmore - from London, and he took the record from fran 21 years ago

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