World's Most Bizarre Wedding Ever

This must be the most bizarre wedding ceremony ever. a German Guy marries his cat!! OMG isn't there any other woman in this world?? why he have to marry his cat?? 39-year-old Uwe Mitzscherlich has shared precious moments with Cecilia, for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, the purring fur-ball is now obese and asthmatic, and the vets don’t think she has much more to live. Because they’ve had such a unique relationship, for many years, Mr. Mitzscherlich decided to make it official, and asked Cecilia’s…paw, in marriage. Maybe it's a prove that the world must be crazy there's so many people held a unique and crazy wedding ceremony. such as like our previous post a French Woman who Marries his Dead Boyfriend.

Sadly, human-animal weddings aren’t recognized in Germany, so Uwe Mitzscherlich had to pay a female actor to officiate the ceremony. At first she thought it was a joke, but quickly realized this was a dream come true, for the German postal worker.

The couple dressed for the occasion, with Uwe wearing a wedding suit and top hat, and Cecilia boasting a lovely white dress. It was a beautiful ceremony, and 15-year-old Cecilia even meowed loudly, through the exchanging of the vows.

Here's another picture of the most bizarre wedding ever. a german guy who marries his cat.

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