Hello Kitty Themed Ferrari

This hello kitty themed ferrari modena was one of the most bizarre car modification ever. it seems that hello kitty doesn't get along well with ferrari. this hello kitty ferrari modena belong to elsie lontoh a famous lawyer in Indonesia,

Hello Kitty seat covers, steering wheel cover, floor mats and all kinds of other memorabilia taint the inside of this Ferrari road monster. There’s really just one thing the owner of this car could do to complete this “massacre” and that’s replace the Ferrari logo with that of Hello Kitty. Can you imagine the horror?

Elise Lontoh said that he was the big fans of hello kitty so that’s why he modify her ferrari modena into a hello kitty themed car.

If he can afford to buy a Ferrari and turn it into a Hello Kitty shrine on wheels, maybe this person should build himself a Hello Kitty castle to go with the car. here’s his Hello Kitty Themed Ferrari Modena.

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