Most Creative Multimedia Cellphone

A Multimedia Cellphone, when you hear about a multimedia cellphone you might be thinking about the smart phone with an advanced multimedia features such as camera, video recording, mp3 players or also a TV players. but unfortunately now we won't talk about the world's best multimedia cellphone, but it's about the most creative multimedia cellphone.

Look at the pictures in the left. that might be the best way to make your own multimedia cellphone. i don't know whether he is an idiot or a creative person who make his own multimedia cellphone. How to make your own Multimedia Cellphone by using an old nokia phone? here's what you need : a camcorder, a memory card, a MP3 players and a bluetooth. USB place all this gadget near the phone and stick it with a scotch tape and then you will got all in one multimedia feature on your old cellphone of nokia. i forgot what type is that nokia phone, maybe it's a 3315 nokia cellphone. well that's a great idea to make your own multimedia cellphone using an unused cellphone.

So will you make your own multimedia cellphone by using this person way? it's up to you.

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iPhone 4 case said...

That image really made me laugh. Sure look that the owner of that mobile phone is so desperate to have a high-end mobile phone. Or perhaps, he is just making fun of it.

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