Natural Faces of Hollywood Celebrity

Do you believe in celebrity perfect looks in television? if you believe that so you have to look again. here's the proof that the Hollywood celebrity is an ordinary human like us. they enhance their looks with a make up. and while they were caught without make up you can see how terrible is their face. here's the collection of the natural faces of celebrity and the pictures of the celebrity with the worst make up.

Like Kim Kardashian, well actually i think kim kardashians was beautiful before, but after i see this i think i have to change my mind about her.

This is a selection with famous ladies pictured with bad makeup and when they don’t have any. So now you can see and compare which way they are better: when they put tons of beauty products on their faces or when they are they way the Mother Nature made them.

Amy Winehouse

Avril Lavigne

Carmen Electra

Catherine Zeta Jones

Christina Aguilera

Eva Longoria

Isabel Lucas

Jeniffer Lopez

Katie Price

Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan

Mischa Barton

Pamela Anderson

Salma Hayek

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sharon Stone

Victoria Beckham

So still think that Hollywood celebrity has a nice looks? they only looks beautiful by a beauty product and with the help of make up. and that's their natural faces. See that's why i call make up was the woman ultimate weapon.

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I think they are more beautiful without make up.

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